Monday, April 4, 2011

March Maltiness...

I know, it's not March Madness.  I was trying to be cute.

The numbers are in for March.  Drinking 19 beers for the month gives me a beer every 1.6 days.  In March I was on a porter kick.  I still drifted toward the darker beers (no big surprise) but I wasn't afraid to go lighter.  I have received some questions as to what it is I drink.  Ok... you asked for it (all links are to the Beer Advocate pages for the beers).  In order of consumption:

Belhaven Scottish Stout
Wells Bombardier
Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Hoppin Frog Silken Porter
Guinness Extra Stout
Bell's Two Hearted Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
O'Fallon Black Hemp
O'Fallon Smoke
 Murphy's Stout
CUF Monks' Robust Porter
CUF Monks' Dry Irish Stout
Fuller's London Porter
O'Fallon 5-day IPA
Schlafly's Coffee Stout
Steelhead Scotch Porter

Now I know what some of you are saying.  "That's not 19 beers."  True.  I did have some duplicates this month as I purchased a 4-pack of Murphy's Stout and shared a couple of the Sierra Nevada Pale Ales with Brother Charles during the bottling session at his house.  This month did herald the drinking of the latest two batches of beer brewed by this group (good stuff).

I got into a conversation with someone about beer and I started saying some of the good things about good beer (not that American lite fizzy moose urine).  They commented, "Of course someone who likes beer will say good things about beer."  I was tempted to say something making fun of that statement and finish it off with "Here's your sign."  Of course I'm going to say good things about good beer.  However, I'm going to also be the one that says there are bad things about beer (besides bad beer).  It is all about balance.  With some beers as well as with wine, one drink a day can be good for you.  It's when you cross over and keep drinking that there are negative effects - alcoholism, damage to your liver, etc.  I'm still where there are more days than I've had beers.  I don't ever plan on being at a 1:1 ratio or ever cross over where the beers have the advantage over the days.  I have and always will say good things about good beer but have a cautious undertone to everything.  I am enthusiastic and exuberant about beer but never to the point of harm.  Moderation and balance can lead to enjoyment of good things.

Blessed be the Brew!!