Sunday, July 17, 2011


What's this??  A post?? 

I know, I know...  I'm one of those people that allows life's priorities direct what is important and what is not.  For a while this blog was not.  I have a little more time so I'm revisiting this blog. 

So... where to start...  How about the stats. 

April stats had me at 14 beers for the month which boils down to a beer every 2.14 days.  It would have been lower except I went to the Schlafly special release party at Hanger 9 in Carbondale and had a few more than expected.  I had a couple and Ken Householder, the Schlafly representative, was kind to me and somehow another Hop Totty and another cask conditioned Pale Ale were in my possession.  That was some good beer.  I thought it was cool when Carbondale Mayor Joel Fritzler helped tap the cask.  A lot of people came out for the party.  Let me try to put into perspective on just how cool it was to have a Schlafly special release part here in Carbondale.  There were three parties – two of which were in the St. Louis area.  The only party outside of the St. Louis area was right here in Carbondale at Hanger 9.  It was a real treat.  Ken even commented that it was going to be a good party when he noticed that the Beer Philosopher, Shawn Connley, and yours truly were present and accounted for.

Next up in the drinking statistics was May which found me at 11 for the month – one every 2.8 days.  This month was HEAVY with new beer tastes.  Of the 11 beers 7 were new beers.  A couple of them, Dogfish Head Sah'tea and Left Hand TNT, were tea-based beers that harkened to my attempt with my Marsala Nirvana – Chocolate Chai Cream Stout.  The thing I found with the professionally produced beers is that they suffered the same problem I had – too much cloves.  Now I don’t feel too bad that it took me two attempts at making it to get it even close.

Most recently June found me at 10 beers – that’s one every 3 days.  I did keep up with my New Year’s resolution of trying a new beer every month with two from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel.  At the end of the month I found myself in Florida where my old friend Yuengling Black and Tan was available.  It was good to get reacquainted with Yuengling.  What was really interesting is where I purchased the beer.  Right across from the hotel where I was staying was a grocery store with a liquor store right next door.  They were managed by the same company – Publix – and they had mostly the same stock although the liquor store had a little more in the way of liquor.  This brought to mind the debate in Carbondale about grocery stores being able to sell alcohol.  If alcohol sales in the grocery store were high enough to support them having it in stock and sales in the liquor store were high enough to support keeping them open then I don’t see where grocery stores being able to sell alcohol would hurt liquor stores.  I’ll comment on that in a different post.

So, at the half way mark, I’m at 71 beers so far.  71 beers over 181 days leaves me at one beer every 2.55 days.  So, what does that all mean.  Well… Good question.  Time to do some research and post on why I’m keeping track of it all.