Thursday, May 26, 2011

I know... I know...

A friend and a person I consider a mentor talked to me about blogging.  He said something along the lines of "Sometimes you own the blog and sometimes it owns you."  Nothing owns me.  That is apparent because of my lack of posts here of late.  It doesn't mean I'm not still being beery.  I'm still pushing forward with my plans for a cancer/craft beer benefit.  I'm still tasting and questing for certain ones.  I've made a few good contacts for my sampling pleasures.  I still tract what I drink and when I drink it.  Will all the other irons in the fire (from the other hats that I wear in storm torn southern Illinois) things get a little busy.  With this being a long weekend, I will make an effort to catch up on some posting. 

Just know that we are planning a brewing session soon.  All will be made clear soon.

     Rev. Bobby Beerman