Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ah brewing...

It was good to be back out at the brewhaus once again.  We currently have a slightly augmented robust porter going - boosted with extra chocolate malt - and a jazzed up honey weizen beer with cranberry honey from the Neighborhood Co-Op.  Both buckets are sitting comfortably in Charles's basement.  The airlock on the honey weizen was already showing life before I left.  Because of some busy scheduling going on, we may not get to bottle until late September.  Oh, if only we could brew beer for a living...

We lived by our principal of "It takes beer to make beer" by enjoying Samuel Adams Summer Ale to help close out the summer, Samuel Adams Octoberfest to welcome the soon to come cooler season, and one of my all season favorites O'hara Irish Stout

Now we also live by our principal of The Little Red Hen - "If you put in, you get out."  Three of us were at the brewing session.  Ten gallons split three ways is still a lot of beer.  I hope some more folks come to the bottling session. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year...

Ok... It's not exactly what you are thinking.  But, come on, this is a beer blog!!  Today is International Beer Day!!  From this article on Fox News:

Like most great holidays and celebrations, International Beer Day evolved naturally. The group of friends decided to celebrate the day on August 5 and managed to convince their local pub to celebrate it with them. They posted a small web site to thank the beer industry for bringing this nectar of the gods to all and got back to drinking.
But, of course, when the internet grabs a hold of something good, it goes global.  If you visit the International Beer Day site you can find places all over the globe (although I am a little surprised to not see any in Australia).  The closest listed party is over at the Da-Nite in Murphysboro.  None listed in Carbondale?!?!  Ok... Marking my calendar for next August and sending my beer contacts an E-mail.  This will not due.  The beer friendly town of Carbondale must have a party!!

Regardless, remember the misattributed quote, "Beer is proof that God exists and wants us to be happy."  Go have a good one.


     -Rev. Bobby Beerman
          Blessed be the brew!!