Monday, August 13, 2012

New Beginnings

Brother Chris is off in OK getting ready to deploy overseas.  Brother Charles is in beautiful downtown Southern Illinois until Saturday when he goes off to Afghanistan.  Is this the end of the Monks??  Heck no!!  I even told Brother Charles that I'm going to keep brewing (I'll have to get the rest of my gear from his house).  I plan on entering something in the Big Muddy Monster Brewfest under the name of the group.  And there are a few folks that are interested in brewing with the Reverend.  So it's a new start with new people but I look forward to my brothers coming back.

And then there is Kindling.  Today they are closing their packaged liquor store.  Larry Emery reported a decline in sales and a change in their business model as the reasoning.  With craft beer doing so well in southern Illinois I can see that the store that was the ONLY store with good craft beer having sales decline.  And the folks there want to change Kindling to more of a restaurant/bar model.   It makes sense to close down the package store for a space for the bar.  No matter how much is makes sense, it's a little sad.  I helped get Kindling started with the packaged liquor store.  It's kinda sad to see something I help start going away.  Regardless, I wish everyone there the best of luck.

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